Play-based, positive and fun learning for kids.

Kids deserve learning programmes that are fun, engaging, and designed to help them discover and develop the attitudes and skills they need to find success at whatever they do.


We believe that play is the most natural way to learn (all species learn through play) - providing a safe space in which to try things, make mistakes, and learn from them. All games (videogames included) are fundamentally learning tools, helping players get better at skills through enjoyable, iterative practice.

That's why our mission is to build play based learning programmes to help kids build confidence, creativity, curiosity and a positive attitude to learning. 

Conventional Educational Games

Focus on information primarily. Some focus on skill. Negligible focus on attitude.

Focus on learning definitions.

Do not truly leverage the power of interactive - interactions limited to simple navigational flexibility or multiple choice.


Mostly end up being 'better textbooks' or 'better tests'.



Focus primarily on attitude and skill - which are more inherently useful to children in a wider variety of contexts.

Focus on building mental models.


Leverage the power of interactive play - the natural way to learn. Full-fledged game interactions found in commercial quality videogames.

Build simulations and games that enable learning through discovery, exploration and enjoyable iterative practice.

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