What if videogames could help kids grow into kinder, more empathetic and more responsible adults? What if videogames could help kids learn how to build better relationships? What if videogames could help kids develop skills to take better care of themselves when navigating adult life?

Bigfatphoenix Interactive builds games to help kids with social-emotional learning - grounded in scientific research and made by world-class game designers. Because we believe that videogames can help kids grow into the mature, confident and compassionate adults who will build a better world.

Why would kids care?

Because the games are a blast to play. 

Kids get to fight bullies, explore dungeons, rescue aliens, and ban homework while learning about stuff like decision making, conflict resolution and building relationships.

Our games are built by career game developers with decades of experience making commercially successful games.

Why would parents care?

Because the games are scientifically designed by expert learning designers to help your kids develop social-emotional skills - a critical yet mostly ignored aspect of a child's development.

The games come with reports that provide interesting insights into the child's social-emotional persona - and prompts for activities and conversations to help parents connect with children.

Can games really do this?


Our learning design is monitored and approved by our advisory panel of industry-leading experts in social-emotional learning, child development and child psychology.

Play is actually the most natural way to learn - for any species. Story-driven role-playing games have always provided powerful emotional experiences. 


Commercial Quality Games.


For kids and parents. Fostering close and healthy parent – child relationship


Scientifically designed learning framework (adapted from CASEL)


Designed with accessibility in mind from ground-up

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