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A quick look back at 2021 for BFP

December 31, 2021 By Bigfatphoenix
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What a year it was! Some incredible highs, milestones and achievements. More than a few hard knocks to the head, challenges to overcome, and odds to beat. How do you pick out the key moments from a year filled with much laughter, tears, hopes, and ever-growing videogame backlogs? It’s a real dilemma.

Oh, wait, did somebody say “dilemma”? Brilliant!

Since Fairside Stories is all about putting emotionally challenging dilemmas in front of players, why not look back at 2021 as if it were an episode in the game? Here we go.

Dilemma 1/5 – Milestone Of The Year

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It was a huge year for us, of course. We launched Fairside Stories globally on the Google Play store. We raised a round of investment from Waterbridge Ventures, Crimson Kite Ventures and Amity Innovation Incubator . In what was a challenging year for most companies, we ended the year on a high note and we’re super-excited for further growth in 2022.

Dilemma 2/5 – Design Priority Of The Year

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With kids’ mental and emotional health becoming an increasingly recognized global need, brought sharply into focus by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a rising demand for digital products that engage kids and actively promote their well-being. Fairside Stories is a collection of story-based role-playing games for kids where they make tough choices, observe the outcomes of their decisions and learn about their values – developing critical life skills and social-emotional skills that hep them grow into happier, healthier and more responsible adults.

Dilemma 3/5 – User Insight Of The Year

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Our players remain our best teachers. Kids will surprise you, charm you, and challenge you with their insight, wisdom and intelligence – making games for kids is an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. With well over 100 in-person playtests and a dedicated team of regular kid playtesters – we’re constantly evolving the games to deliver a playful, engaging and thought-provoking learning experience.

Dilemma 4/5 – Most Epic Person To Join Us In 2021 Of The Year

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We’re super-particular about making BFP a great team to be a part of. Which means incredibly high standards for hiring, followed by a relentless focus on nurturing teammates and relationships by putting people first, no matter what. It’s what helped us build a team of 15 highly skilled people with zero attrition over 2 years. This year, some incredible people joined us – but everybody here knows who the coolest of them all is, and why.

Dilemma 5/5 – Work Culture Element Of The Year

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We firmly believe that the only way to build an enduring company is to build a strong, skilled and resilient team with an actively and thoughtfully designed culture. Whether it’s a 4-day work week (which we’ve had in place since 2020), an unlimited leave policy, active investment in training and skill development – we believe that these only work when based on a foundation of trust and belief in one another. We don’t subscribe to the “don’t be friends with colleagues” school of thought – we believe that nurturing strong friendships (especially through testing times) within the team and genuinely caring about one another is the only way we want to grow the company.

Endgame Report – What The Spirits of Fairside Say

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Like all endgame reports, there’s always room for improvement, but we’ll take a moment now to celebrate the awesomeness that 2021 did bring. Here’s wishing all of you a very happy 2022 filled with all that is kind, noble, sensible, and, when needed, a little crafty!

Curious about what The Spirits of Fairside would say about you or your kids? [Download Fairside Stories and see for yourself]