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Nurturing Kindness: Video Games for Positive Attitude Training

May 5, 2021 By Big Fat Phoenix
games for positive attitude training

“It takes a village to raise a child,” goes the African proverb. This couldn’t be more accurate. Meeting all of your child’s physiological and emotional needs is challenging. Though humans are naturally kind, it is still hard to nurture kindness in kids while they are busy being kids. Thankfully, video games for positive attitude training are here to help.

Here at Big Fat Phoenix, we dedicate ourselves to making video games that teach moral values, including kindness. These games can help kids grow up to be mature, optimistic, and caring adults, ready to use their abilities for the greater good. Read on to find out on how video games can teach kindness.

Big Fat Phoenix: Games that Nurture Kindness

Video games for positive attitude training may sound a bit newfangled. However, games that teach moral values have gained popularity in recent years. At Big Fat Phoenix, we believe that teaching kindness to kids is important in raising them to be amazing future adults, and help them build meaningful relationships throughout their lives. That is why our games are developed with the help of industry-leading experts in social-emotional learning and child psychology.

Video games can function as sandboxes in which kids can experience simulated real-world scenarios in their home. Positive attitude games for kids can do wonders for their emotional development. When playing, the players are always given instant and ongoing feedback. They will know that kindness will positively affect the game, while unkind behavior will be met with adverse effects.

Parents are also part of the process since games at Big Fat Phoenix will provide you with reports that provide insights into your child’s social-emotional persona based on their in-game behavior. After each gaming session, you can discuss what they have learned and how they can apply it in their daily lives.

Big Fat Phoenix games are all about: teaching kindness early on, and encouraging traits like generosity and friendliness be a huge part of their personality. Here we have some in-game examples of how games can build character by letting kids discover the importance of kindness.


Here in this particular scene in Pandemic Panic, the player will be presented with two choices. With the pandemic spreading fear globally, the player will feel that this situation is relatively close to home. We can understand the landlord’s stance since they are worried about the infection spreading in their buildings. Yet, making people homeless will make matters worse. Games for positive attitude training like this one will encourage the player to think critically about the best and correct course of action, after all kindness and generosity will do wonders, especially in these trying times.


Here in this scene, Pandemic Panic lets players experience making decisions based on their own moral compass. The other solution seems cheaper than the vaccine alternative, but at what cost? Players will be given a choice to take the easy way out or the harder, yet kind one. Positive attitude games for kids like this will force kids to look into themselves and choose their own path. Our games will have conundrums like this that will prove to be beneficial for social emotional learning for kids.


The player will find many difficult choices in Pandemic Panic, as shown in this scenario. Games for positive attitude training, like Pandemic Panic, will encourage players to always show empathy and be sensitive to the feelings of others. Here, the player is dealt with the aftermath of their actions. Their decision was not met with approval but with protest. Now they are given a chance to fix it. But will they choose the morally correct and kind choice, or will they use force to get their way?

athleticore games for positive attitude training

Another great game from Big Fat Phoenix that values teaching kindness to kids is School Saver. In this scenario, the player will be given a choice to be mean or to be kind. The Atheticore may need a push to better themselves, but humiliating them is not the right way to go. Scenarios like this will encourage children to choose to be kind at all times. This kind of simulated situation understands the value of teaching kindness to kids. Games with moral values like this will force kids to look into themselves and choose their own path.

school saver games for positive attitude training

This last sample scene is different from the one that we showed so far. The scenario shows the aftermath, the consequences caused by making unkind and hurtful decisions. Since this game is a pretend play or simulated emotional sandbox for kids, their decision will directly impact the game world. This kind of outcome will teach the players to be careful and be mindful of their decision and how they will affect the people around them. Scenes like these are important to games that teach moral values.

Kindness and Other Beneficial Effects of Video Games

There are a ton of non violent video games kids can enjoy. In a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, they have discovered beneficial effects of video games that include helping kids deal with peer stress, and boosts cognitive ability and academic achievement.

Matthew Farber, an Assistant Professor of Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy (TIP) at the University of Northern Colorado, and the founder of the Gaming SEL Lab, thinks that “Educators shouldn’t ignore video games if they want students to be media-literate, because they are the “storytelling medium of the 21st century.”

This is true since children like video games because they are fun and interactive. In a research journal released by American Psychological Association, it says that video games help players safely immerse themselves in pretend worlds, in which they will have a sense of control. This means that video games are great experience simulators and play a role in teaching good moral values like kindness.

Kids And Kindness

Being kind to others comes naturally for children, and we can cultivate it by having productive emotional exercises like playing games with moral values. However, just plain ol’ pep talk is not enough to make an impression. Remember, playing is actually the most natural and fun way to learn. But then again, teaching kindness to kids need not be hard, since educational video games for kids have proven to have multiple benefits. Not all video games need players to shoot stuff, since there are plenty of non violent video games out there.

That is why at Big Fat Phoenix, we make sure that we are taking extra care in ensuring that our games value social emotional learning for kids. We make educational video games for kids, but of course, we also make sure that our games are enjoyable to play! After all, it’s easier to learn when you are having fun, right? Check out our games that teach moral values, and get ready to go on an adventure while fighting bullies, being a hero, and building meaningful relationships all in a day’s work.