Games are fun. Life often isn't.

How can we design products, services and spaces that are more enjoyable and keep people coming back? How can education be more fun? How can healthcare feel more positive? How can doing finances feel more enjoyable and fulfilling? How can booking tickets, ordering food, getting a cab, sending a text, or buying clothes feel more playful and entertaining?

Good game design has the answers. Games are enjoyable, fulfilling, and sticky to the point of being addictive. What are the lessons from game design that can help us drive the behaviours we want in our customers, our children, our colleagues? How can we use game design to transform our lives, and make our world a more positive and fun place to be?

Games are fun. Life isn't. Our mission to change that.

Bigfatphoenix Interactive can help you re-imagine and re-engineer your user experiences using game design principles, so that your customers love your product or service for the same reasons that they love playing their favourite games - delight, fun, empowerment, growth, progress and ownership. 


We work with your team to help you make your products and services more fun, engaging and rewarding by bringing game design thinking into your process.


Training and Workshops

Workshops, mentoring and designer development to improve creative thinking, group creativity, game design skills, and product design skills. For individuals, groups and corporate teams.

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