Our learning framework focuses on six key ways of acting, thinking and feeling.

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Doing good things for others, intentionally to develop generosity & friendliness.

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perspective taking

Understanding the feelings & viewpoints of others to develop attentiveness & perceptiveness.

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Making fair decisions & standing up for what is right to develop a sense of fairness & justice.

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growth mindset

Believing you can improve your abilities to develop resilience & resourcefulness.

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Making responsible choices and decisions to develop a healthy attitude towards risk and conscientiousness.

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self regulation

Managing feelings and impulses to develop self-control & patience.

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perspective taking

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At Big Fat Phoenix, we believe in helping children develop positive and healthy identities to help them meet their personal and collective goals.

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Establish and
Maintain Healthy
Social Relationships

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Childern are
able to Achieve
Their Goals

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Make Responsible
and Caring

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Ethical and
Members of Society

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Parent Quotes

“Gaming is a great way to get kids to ‘get’ an idea or a concept, or even something as abstract as kindness or empathy. A game like yours is the right step. It also helps them make sense of the current madness. She is going through severe bouts of depression due to the lockdown so these games help for sure!”

“This game has a lot of potential. I can see it being used in so many scenarios, to teach concepts such as diversity, accessibility and inclusion. The persona is a great touch”

“The scenarios are relevant and interesting to the age group. Some choices are no brainers but others require balancing priorities. It has many layers and repeatability”