Our framework models different ways of acting, thinking and feeling. These values help kids safely experiment with difficult choices and reflect on dilemmas with no “right” answers.

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“I do good things for others (and myself). I am friendly, generous and self-compassionate”

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“I look for realistic solutions to problems and don’t shy away from making tough choices. I am practical & tough.”

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“I always try to do the right thing, even if it comes at great personal cost. I am honest, just & brave.”

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“I don’t let the ‘right’ or established way to do something get in the way of meeting my goals. I am sly & sneaky.”


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Explore conflicting values and belief-systems.

Become more thoughtful about your decision making.



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Develop self-awareness about the values that drive your choices.


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At Bigfatphoenix we believe in helping kids participate in thoughtful decision-making and developing positive & healthy identities in the process.

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Develop perspective
taking, empathy and

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Think about the
consequences of
their choices

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Become ethical and
Members of Society

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Parent Quotes

“Gaming is a great way to get kids to ‘get’ an idea or a concept, or even something as abstract as kindness or empathy. A game like yours is the right step. It also helps them make sense of the current madness. She is going through severe bouts of depression due to the lockdown so these games help for sure!”

“This game has a lot of potential. I can see it being used in so many scenarios, to teach concepts such as diversity, accessibility and inclusion. The persona is a great touch”

“The scenarios are relevant and interesting to the age group. Some choices are no brainers but others require balancing priorities. It has many layers and repeatability”