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Ban homework? Send chickens to super-hero training? Melt the polar ice-caps and make ice-cubes? 

As president of Fairside, you get to take decisions that impact the citizens in good, bad and surprising ways. What kind of president will you be?

Kill 'em with


There are bullies in Fairside high. They're making life miserable for the kids by making fun of them, snatching their stuff and generally being mean.

What's the best way to fight back? With Kindness, of course. And cards. And power-ups. And strategy.

Alien Ambassador Academy

Fairside is so popular, even aliens keep wanting to visit. So many neighbouring planets keep sending their ambassadors over to build good relations - so better not make them mad!

But how do you know what makes an alien ambassador happy when you can't speak their language? The secret is empathy. And maybe cake.

10-Turn Superstar

It's not easy being a star! Buy a fancy car or take a fancier vacation? Engage with fans or ignore them? Go to a party or chill in the pool? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Step into the shoes of Fairside's favorite superstar as you learn to balance your finances, fame, health and stress levels. It's not easy being the coolest person in the world!


How do you help people overcome their deepest fears, anxieties and emotional challenges? By entering the dungeons of their minds and confronting them like a true hero! Use emotions and ideas as sword, shield and spells to, quite literally, slay the mind's inner demons. There may be loot!


Be the master of character! A sorceress of feeling! A wizard of get the general idea.

Mix a variety of ideas, emotions and character traits together in your magic lab and explore the inner workings of the human mind. What happens when you mix joy and compassion? Curiosity and laughter? Anger and fear?

Compassion Cafe

As Fairside's most popular Barista, you talk to a lot of people. They pour out their feelings. You pour them something to make them feel better.

Learn to empathize with the citizens of Fairside and give them the coffee, milkshake, or chai latte they really need. A spoonful of kindness? A dollop of advice? Some good old fashioned love? What will it be?

Kidventure Capitalist

A bustling town like Fairside has a lot of thriving businesses that help keep the economy running smoothly like a leopard on its morning jog. But it needs your help!

Learn about ideas of how to save, invest and spend money so that you can make more money. While also balancing important stuff like ethics, responsibility, and looking successful! 

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